Additional Python Wheels#

Python wheels for VTK are available in pypi

pip install vtk

More wheels can be accessed from the GitLab Package Registry.

To install the latest release wheel from the GitLab registry:

pip install --extra-index-url vtk

To install the latest wheel from master:

pip install --extra-index-url vtk --pre --no-cache

The wheels available at PyPi are built using the default rendering backend which leverages any available hardware graphics for generating the scene. There is also a OSMesa wheel variant that leverages offscreen rendering with OSMesa. This wheel is being built for both Linux and Windows at this time and bundles all of the necessary libraries into the wheel. These wheels are intended to be used by downstream projects in headless, CI-like environments or cloud application deployments, preventing the need to install any addition system packages.

To install the OSMesa variant from the latest release

pip install --extra-index-url vtk-osmesa

For more information see here.


conda-forge packages are also available and maintained by the community.