vtk3DTilesWriter - Convert a multiblock dataset to the 3D Tiles format.#

Currently, to create a valid 3D Tiles dataset we may need additional conversions: from GLTF to GLB and from GLB to B3DM. We can use JavaScript tools to do these conversions.

Install conversion and validation scripts#

Convert data to GLB or B3DM - Optional#

See Testing/Cxx/Test3DTilesWriter for conversions of Jacksonville data stored in OBJs and or Berlin data stored in CityGML. Note that the test saves the 3D Tiles data using GLTF files. If needed, you can use GLB or B3DM, but you’ll need to do the following conversions manually: cd ~/projects/VTK/build/Testing/Temporary/jacksonville-3dtiles/ cd ~/projects/VTK/build/Testing/Temporary/berlin-3dtiles/

  • Convert gltf to glb

find . -name '*.gltf' -exec bash -c 'nodejs ~/external/gltf-pipeline/bin/gltf-pipeline.js -i ${0} -o ${0%.*}.glb' {} \;
find . -name '*.gltf' -exec rm {} \;
find . -name '*.bin' -exec rm {} \;
  • Check glb validity

~/external/glTF-Validator/build/bin/gltf_validator Testing/Temporary/TestGLTFWriter.glb
  • Convert glb to b3dm

find . -name '*.glb' -exec bash -c 'nodejs ~/external/3d-tiles-tools/tools/bin/3d-tiles-tools.js glbToB3dm ${0} ${0%.*}.b3dm' {} \;
find . -name '*.glb' -exec rm {} \;

View in Cesium#

  1. Use 3d-tiles-samples

  • Link the tileset created for previous set: cd ~/external/3d-tiles-samples/tilesets; ln -s ~/projects/VTK/build/Testing/Temporary/jacksonville-3dtiles cd ~/external/3d-tiles-samples/tilesets; ln -s ~/projects/VTK/build/Testing/Temporary/berlin-3dtiles

  • Start web server: cd ..;npm start

  1. google-chrome jacksonville-3dtiles.html;google-chrome berlin-3dtiles.html

Test the tilesets using 3d-tiles-validator#

cd ~/external/3d-tiles-validator/validator/
node ./bin/3d-tiles-validator.js -i ~/projects/VTK/build/Testing/Temporary/jacksonville-3dtiles-points/tileset.json
node ./bin/3d-tiles-validator.js -i ~/projects/VTK/build/Testing/Temporary/jacksonville-3dtiles-colorpoints/tileset.json