The OpenVR module aims to support PC-based rendering to virtual reality headsets via Valve’s OpenVR API.

The OpenVR standard has been succeeded by the industry-wide OpenXR standard. See the VTK OpenXR module for modernized support. The VTK OpenVR module is preserved for legacy support.

Supported Devices#

Any device that renders with OpenGL and runs from the OpenVR runtime is theoretically supported. Devices include:

  • HTC Vive (, Pro)

  • Valve Index

  • Oculus Rift (, S)

  • Meta Quest (1,2,3,Pro)

  • HP Reverb G2

Supported Controllers#

The VTK OpenVR module provides bindings for the following controllers:

  • HP Motion Controller json

  • Valve Knuckles json

  • Oculus Touch json

  • HTC Vive Controller json

The VTK OpenVR module is considered legacy and not under active development. Please see the VTK OpenXR module for support for additional controllers and alternate input mechanisms.


A minimum OpenVRCone example is available for download on the VTK Examples website.

Tests in the Testing/Cxx directory may also be run to demonstrate VTK RenderingOpenVR capabilities.