The OpenVR module aims to support PC-based rendering to virtual reality headsets via Valve’s OpenVR API.

The OpenVR standard has been succeeded by the industry-wide OpenXR standard. See the VTK OpenXR module for modernized support. The VTK OpenVR module is preserved for legacy support.

Supported Devices#

Any device that renders with OpenGL and runs from the OpenVR runtime is theoretically supported. Devices include:

  • HTC Vive (, Pro)

  • Valve Index

  • Oculus Rift (, S)

  • Meta Quest (1,2,3,Pro)

  • HP Reverb G2

Supported Controllers#

The VTK OpenVR module provides bindings for the following controllers:

The VTK OpenVR module is considered legacy and not under active development. Please see the VTK OpenXR module for support for additional controllers and alternate input mechanisms.


A minimum OpenVRCone example is available for download on the VTK Examples website.

Tests in the Testing/Cxx directory may also be run to demonstrate VTK RenderingOpenVR capabilities.